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Motorsports Deck Review Call

Whether you've just finished building the motorsports info deck we sell, or you'd like input regarding your own deck, we offer thorough review calls to ensure you're getting the most out of your materials.

$ 150.00 USD
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This is a one hour (+) call with me, Sam, the owner of Grand Prix Studio. In the process of scheduling a call (via the "Schedule a Review" button), you'll be asked to provide me with a copy of your current deck that we'll review, plus any other relevant info. This will help us get the most out of our call. Why the "(+)" symbol in the name? Because breaking the flow of a solid strategy session with a hard stop isn't fun. If this call goes over an hour because we're deep in the review process, I'm totally cool with that. It doesn't necessarily need to be sponsorship related either as we give guidance on all sorts of presentation decks within the motorsports domain.

If you don't believe I was able to help add any value or direction to your current deck, then it's totally free. Why offer a money-back option? Because I've paid for consultants myself. Some of them were awesome. Some of them weren't worth a dime. If for whatever reason my service comes close to the value of a dime, I unfortunately can't give you your time back, but I can at least give you your money back. That being said, no one has asked for their money back yet, but I like to give people the option anyway.