Dark Horse Racing

The designing of Dark Horse Racing's 2021 livery was a collaboration with between Grand Prix Studio and designer Isken Cosip of ICM Designs.
Livery Design
Graphic Design

The project began with a discovery session as we defined what direction we wanted to take the design. There were only two set in stone requirements from the team before we began. The car definitely needed to utilize the classic Betsy Ross American flag, while also paying tribute to the U.S. Military through the use of camo. Using reference imagery, including everything from the rear tail section of a modern American Airlines 747, to the popular MSR Independence Day Acura GTD’s by David Marek, Isken began extrapolating upon these elements to wrap the team’s Factory 5 GTM.

Isken worked to produce the following livery, a piece which utilizes the abstraction of our country’s flag, intertwined appropriately with military camo, and with plenty of open real estate to spare for potential sponsors as well.

Dark Horse Racing's Factory 5 GTM livery officially broke the cover in early May, 2020. Geoff Karker and Bill Murray of S4L Wraps were responsible for transcribing Isken's livery and making his design a reality.

Be sure as well to check out all of Isken Cosip’s work on Instagram and Behance

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