Just for Racers – New Products & Services

Grand Prix Studio now offers services specifically designed for drivers and riders as we aim to provide a level of service to everyone from individual racers to the performance brands that power them.
Samuel Pawlak
Owner of Grand Prix Studio
January 25, 2023

Despite the vast majority of our social media following being individual racers, our studio has actually never formally offered any services directly to racers. At least, until now. Grand Prix Studio will now offer products and productized services exclusively for racers, as well as for small teams too. You can view all four of our new offerings here.

A Brand-New Motorsports Info Deck  / Sponsorship Deck Template

For the last couple of years, we’ve listed a downloadable sponsorship info deck template that racers and teams could tailor to their needs without having to work directly with our studio. The deck Includes over 20 high value slides designed to help you effectively communicate your value to your prospects in motorsports. It also includes real world examples for referencing as well from past projects of ours. It was previously totally free to download. And only recently did I realize just how popular it was when I checked the downloads. For 2023, the deck was completely re-built, with more slides added, as well as more educational info on how best to use it. It’s unfortunately no longer free, but for what it’s worth, it’s now about $4 / slide, retailing at $125. We imagine you’ll easily make that back up though in the deals it will help you close. At the very least, it will certainly save you dozens of hours trying to design your own.

Check it out in more detail!

Motorsports Deck Review Call

Previously, we never offered consulting or one-on-one calls with racers unless we sponsored you directly. Now though, we actually have two consultation services exclusively for racers and smaller teams. The first one is specifically for reviewing and improving your deck. Whether you purchased and tailored our deck and want feedback from the experts, or you already have your own and want to find ways to improve it, you can now schedule up to an hour with us where we’ll thoroughly vet your materials so you can extract the most out of it. Learn More / Schedule a Review.

One Our Consulting & Strategy Call

Let's talk (off-track) racing strategy! On this one hour call, we'll help devise the optimal game plan to progress your racing career. The topics we dive into are totally up to you, and we encourage you to send us as much information up front as possible so we can get straight into it on this one-hour call. And if this call goes over an hour because we're pumping out awesome ideas and strategies for you, we’re totally cool with that. Learn More / Schedule a Call.

Full Service Racer Branding

I’ll be the first to admit that this service is not for everyone. It’s truly designed for racers looking to invest in the creation of their brand as a racer, and who probably already compete at a high level. This service goes way beyond just the visuals. This service is driven by information surrounding your goals as a racer, and how to get you to those goals as efficiently as one can. Our full service branding and design is best viewed as a long-term investment into your racing career.  

As a studio that focuses primarily on larger brands, business, and motorsports entities, I knew offering the same quality of work we provide to those businesses to individual racers would not be what most people would consider “affordable” in the short term. It’s also the first time we’ve ever listed a price for a service, albeit, a minimum cost of engagement.

However, for those looking to build both a true brand identity for their career as well as marketing collateral, content, and a strategy all guided by your goal as a racer, you can now work alongside us in helping you bring that vision to life. If you schedule a consultation call with us regarding this service, rest assured we’re more than happy (and more than likely for that matter) to tell you that you’re either not a good fit for this service, or you’d be better served doing x, y, or z instead (irrespective of our capabilities).

All that being said, this service is extremely niche, and unlikely to be utilized often. But, for a very select few racers out there, this might be exactly what they need. This service is also limited in that we're only capable of working with one to two racers at any given time. > Learn more

To view all of these new product and services, check out new Products + page.