A Further Shift in Specialization within Motorsports for Ikoniqa

A brief history of Ikoniqa, and how we're now pivoting from being a motorsports centric agency to now a motorsports exclusive agency.
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November 23, 2020

When Ikoniqa began in late 2018, we were happy and open to work with businesses in all industries. As a start-up, this was viewed as the best approach, and it's what ultimately got us up and running. More importantly, both myself (Sam), and co-founder Joshua Long had both left our full time jobs to start Ikoniqa, so any work was better than no work. However, as long time motorsports fans and designers, we always intended to position the business as the go-to agency for those in the motorsports domain. Having worked with clients in the retail and marketing sectors, it feels a bit odd to say we are no longer going to serve that base anymore, but as any business owner knows, the more specialized you become, the more opportunities you inevitably create within your niche.

For Ikoniqa, that means from 2021 onwards, we will only be working with teams, drivers, and businesses in the motorsports domain. However, that doesn't necessarily mean we won't be doing work for businesses outside of motorsports. For example, if we get referred to a driver's sponsor to do work for that business as part of the driver's sponsorship package, we're more than capable and willing to execute those projects. What we won't be doing is accepting work directly from businesses that don't actively play a role in motorsports.

We hope the few project pieces we made public from businesses such as Offi and 7X, as well as in-house design projects such as Ink & Paper and Ellie, do well to showcase our design abilities and interests beyond just motorsport for when we do inevitably work with sponsors and businesses who support motorsports.

To all the businesses outside of motorsport whom we worked with, thank you for your support early on! And to all those in motorsports, we look forward to further specializing in this sector from 2021 onwards.