All You Need to Know About Our Motorsports Deck Digital Product - Including Why it's Pay What You Want, and More...

Learn all the details about our one of a kind deck for teams and racers, including intended use cases, system reqs, ad ons, and why it's pay what you want.
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June 16, 2021

Version 1.0 of our MotorsportsPresentation Deck now has an official launch date, Wednesday, June 30th, as well as a variable price. Here’s everything you could ever need to know about our first digital product drop.

Intended Use Case for Sponsorship Deck


This deck is meant to be used as an informational deck, not a tailored proposal piece. That being said, users can certainly modify this deck to create a proper proposal piece if they know how to go about that, but the default set up we’ve created is meant to act as a way for you to simply provide useful information and convey your value in a professional manner to prospective sponsors and partners. The desired outcome we hope users can achieve through this deck is an ability to then initiate much more in-depth conversations with your prospect as you work out a deal. Sponsorship proposals, and pitching, is a completely separate topic worth diving deeper on in a future blog post.


System Requirements


This deck is a native PowerPoint file running the latest version of MS Office. This means anyone with a MS office subscription will be able to edit and use this product as intended. If we see enough demand, we’ll also work to create an InDesign version for those of us who use the Adobe Creative Suite (like us).


Recommended Ad-Ons


This deck may require some additional purchase, depending on how much design related work you’re willing to put into this. For example, we can’t sell this deck with the fonts we’d prefer to use, or the stock imagery we’d typically use because these items aren’t worth licensing for resale on our end. Instead, we will be providing you with a list of recommended resources you can tap into for these sorts of things as there are plenty of really amazing businesses offering everything you'll need to tailor this deck.


Why It’s Pay What You Want vs a Fixed Price


For pricing, we’ll be adopting the “Pay what you want” model. That includes paying nothing at all, all the way up to $500 (which we’ve capped it at…please don’t attempt to pay more than that, this product probably isn’t worth more than $500 to anyone unless it’s being tailored).  

Updated: The deck is now free to download only as of June, 2022. Yes, that's right. You can't pay us even if you tried.


There are multiple reasons we’re going with the “Pay what you want” model. The first reason is quite simple. This product’s value is completely determined by the end user and their current racing status. For someone aiming to secure a six-figure primary sponsorship deal to race on a national level, this product will inherently be worth more than someone simply looking to secure a couple thousand in funding for a support sponsor in their club racing series. And since our product is able to service this entire spectrum, we wanted to give users the ability to actually pay what it’s worth to them at any given time.


Here’s what we recommend though –Download this product and pay little to nothing regardless of your racing status. If after using it to the fullest extent you find it of value, and use it to successfully bring on sponsors and partners, simply buy it again from us (since it’s just a digital download) for a price worthy of what it was capable of doing as a way of saying thanks.


The other reason we opted for the “Pay what you want” model is a bit more personal to me, Sam, the owner of Ikoniqa. For those who don’t know me personally, I’m a perfectionist, for better or for worse (mostly worse, but I’m working on that). If we view this deck through the lens of it being a tool, then I’m personally of the mindset that this is a tool that can be improved through lots of use and user feedback. As a former product designer, no product I’ve ever worked on was released to the market in a truly finished state as that’s nearly impossible to achieve (just look at how often car dealers issue recalls, or how often your phone’s apps receive software updates to fix bugs). That being said, if you do decide to download this for free, all I would ask in exchange is feedback on things like ease of use, its effectiveness in starting dialogs with businesses you send the deck to, and overall satisfaction with the product such that we can improve it over time and release updates. Everything we do in the sphere of helping racers is done with the goal of constant improvement in mind.


So that’s basically it, everything you need to know. Upon its release, you’ll see a second blog detailing some of the more visual aspects of the product – coming next week.