How We Work with Racing Series to Streamline, Manage, & Improve their Web & Digital Presence

Acting as a working partner to racing series is some of the most fulfilling work we do as we keep these traveling circuses up and running on the digital front.
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September 22, 2021

Acting as a working partner to racing series is some of the most fulfilling work we do as we keep these traveling circuses up and running year round on the digital front.  

Since we came to be in 2018, we’ve been slowly narrowing our focus as it pertains to services offered and clients we work with. One area in particular we’re starting to truly specialize in is being a full-service digital management resource for professional racing series. Our Pro Racing Series Services, a separate stand-alone service we offer, was even created to cater exclusively to this niche. As unusual of a niche this may be, we simply find it extremely satisfying working directly with racing series on all digital fronts from managing data, hosting their website, maintaining the brand image, designing marketing materials, and beyond.

Formula Car Teams in the pit lane at Pittsburgh International Race Complex

So, how did we end up doing this type of specialized work? It turns out one of our first motorsport clients was in fact a racing series, the Formula Race Promotions Series. To this day, we act as both working partners and sponsors of the series. After over two years with the series, we’ve been able to develop racing series specific web/digital infrastructure systems that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. These systems are replicable, scalable, and now available to all series we work with.

It All Starts with Defining Your Goals

As mentioned in our previous blog on motorsport web design, the work we perform starts from a similar place, wherein we determine first what the goals of your racing series truly are. We ask questions such as, “what processes are currently consuming a lot of time”, “what should a perfectly managed/executed race weekend for the series look like?”, or “if we work to improve X, how much time and labor would that give back to your staff in return?” Higher level questions as such are what allow us to properly help our clients, and thus execute on mutually agreed upon goals through our work.  

Here's a quick list of common challenges racing series face on the digital front:

- Managing, updating, and using the series’ own website is slow, difficult, may use a legacy system, or is simply a task that’s neglected.

-  Managing all the data and making it easily accessible is tiresome or difficult  

- The series has a brand image or website that doesn’t communicate properly or isn’t user friendly.

- The series lacks any differentiation in how it’s marketed, and is potentially losing prospective teams as a result.

- The series is operating great and the competition is amazing, but no one knows about it, and word of mouth is the main force behind its growth.

- And so on…

All that being said, these of course are all areas we're more than happy to engage in, learn more about, and ultimately see if we’re capable of improving.

Formula Car (F2000) sitting in the paddock showing Ikoniqa Logo on it

Digital Integration

One of the most important aspects in our work is how we integrate with a series. Working with entities as large as racing series means being able to seamlessly integrate into their business without creating more complexity in the process. That’s why we actually prefer to make it as easy as possible for a racing series to take everything we’ve built, designed, or strategized on and run it on their own if preferred. Though we do build completely custom systems, none of our infrastructure is proprietary, and we’re more than happy to train series staff on how to run it themselves. Whether that’s a new website, a system, a marketing materials template, or all of the above (everything we build is designed to be extremely user friendly). This setup allows for varying levels of management, and gives the series the option to manage as little or as much of their digital presences as they’d like. We also realize that no client is forever, so when the time eventually comes to part ways, our work won’t become a complex digital nightmare that requires specialized knowledge to operate by any stretch.

For a full breakdown of everything we can do for a racing series, check out our Race Series Services page. All of our capabilities listed on our Client Capabilities page are also available to racing series as well.