Now in Development: Digital Products, featuring motorsports specific proposal decks

We’re productizing our deck designs so you (teams, racers, and beyond) can build your own tailored presentations.
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March 1, 2021

Since Ikoniqa’s inception as an agency, we’ve focused exclusively on developing one of a kind tailored design, marketing, content, and tech solutions for those in motorsports and beyond. This type of service is, as you might expect, quite expensive as tailored solutions are of high value to our clients. One of our most popular services is having us build out and tailor presentation decks to prospective sponsors. Though we'll continue offering this service, we wanted to expand our reach by productizing this service to a certain degree.

We will therefore be developing and launching our own motorsports specific pre-built deck template that you can purchase and tailor to your own racing efforts, saving you all the costs associated with the design side of things, and getting you straight to the business side (the part that truly matters). Expect more info in the coming weeks!