Partstop Spectrum | Establishing a U.S. Hub for Spectrum F1600 Parts

We work with Partstop, the official distributor of Spectrum race car OEM parts and cars, in building their U.S. digital presence.
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October 20, 2020

Partstop has partnered with Australia’s Borland Racing Development to sell their Spectrum branded F1600 race car and OEM parts as their official distributor in the United States. This successful partnership warranted a digital presence in the U.S. such that customers could browse and request Spectrum EOM parts through Partstop. We worked with driver and owner of Partstop, Mike Scanlan, in designing Partstop and Spectrum's U.S. brand image and website.

Partstop Spectrum race shop with F1600 chassis

This project will soon be added to our project portfolio where we'll dive into how the design and brand image took shape. Expect to see this piece posted by mid-late November. In the meantime, feel free to view Partstop's first company website via the link below!

Race driver Mike Scanlan racing his Spectrum F1600 Car