New Service: Web and Digital Management Exclusively for Racing Series

We’re happy to announce that Powered by Ikoniqa will now be a service dedicated exclusively to racing series...
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July 27, 2021

Powered by Ikoniqa, a management style service we offer, is shifting its focus as the program will now cater exclusively to professional racing series. The niching down of this program is part of a wider strategy to begin narrowing the entire business’s offerings in a bid to deepen our expertise in one particular field (i.e. racing series digital management). Powered by Ikoniqa will still be a separate standalone service. Our standard design and marketing services can still be found on our Client Capabilities & Services Page.

Our expertise in managing the digital side of racing series combined with our own experience competing in them as a race team has given us an extremely well-rounded understanding of the business, making Ikoniqa well-equipped to become working partners with such entities.

A quick recap of the Program to date: In November of 2020, we launched “Powered by Ikoniqa”, which at the time was a subscription-based design and marketing service exclusively for race teams and drivers/riders. The program received interest, but nearly everyone ended up simply utilizing our standard services on a typical project-by-project basis. However, the one sector within motorsports that ended up being a perfect fit for this model that we failed to even include was professional racing series and organizations. Nine months on, and we thought it was about time we pivoted the entire program to better focus our efforts specifically on racing series from here onwards.

Our newly re-tooled Powered by Ikoniqa program will offer the following core services.

- Web Design & Management

- CMS Design

- Series Branding and Brand Asset Creation

- Series Data Management

- Search Engine Optimization

- Digital Strategy and Execution

- Additional tailored offerings upon Request

To learn more, and to learn about the advantages of utilizing an agency vs internal management, see our new Powered by Ikoniqa page.

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